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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barn quilt

I have been a quilter for a number of years and I never grow tired of the variety of quilt blocks. When barn quilts started appearing in our area, I knew I wanted one. It was fun to design the block and choose the colors, and have it hanging our our new out building.


  1. Hi,

    I love the photo of the barn quilt with the tulips. I have written a book on barn quilts and am posting interesting news and photos as I come across them. Can I post your photo? It's such a lovely spring shot!

    If you would like to tell me a bit about you and why you chose this pattern, I would love to include that.

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  2. I would be happy to have you post my picure on your site. What is the name of the book that you have written? I have been a fabric quilter for 30 years and feel in love with barn quilts driving across Iowa. The photo of the barn quilt with the tulips is the first barn quilt that I made. When I was trying to pick out a good barn quilt design, I was making a fabric quilt for my niece. I decided that I liked that block and so that is the block that I used for the barn quilt. I have since started a small business making barn quilts for others.